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We support you and your team members by providing an environment based around our most important value: the value of Care. Happy team members are more motivated to exceed expectations, and when you have passionate individuals on your team who care about what they do, your business is able to scale.

Our culture gives you longevity and productivity from your team.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker

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Chief Happiness Officer

In 2018, our CEO Fiona Kesby attended a 3-day culture camp hosted by Zappos in the USA after being inspired by the book “The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire, Engage and Wow.” She brought back many great ideas to implement, including a newly created position and the first in the outsourcing industry in Cebu: the Chief Happiness Officer

Welcome Gift

We all know that “newbie” feeling: excited to get started, but you have no idea what’s in store for you just yet.

At GO-VA, we make every new team member feel at ease by sending them welcome gift boxes on their first day. It’s our way of saying “welcome to the team” and readily letting each new team member know that we care about you as a person.

We nurture team members and set them up for success from Day 1, when we give them one of our favorite resources, Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” This is the company’s way of investing in the team member – not for our own gain, but for the individual’s. So that he or she may be able to stand tall and say that I now live a remarkable life because I’ve had a remarkable company to work with.

Our culture has encouraged other team members to welcome their new teammates with warmth and care.

“Your Team Member will never feel like they’re just a number. They will feel loved, cared for, and most importantly inspired – that is my commitment as CEO.” ~ Fiona Kesby

Getting In Touch with the CEO

How do you inspire team members and make sure they don’t feel like a number when you employ hundreds of people? This is a question our CEO asked herself and relentlessly sought an answer to.

With the support of the Chief Happiness Officer, our CEO created the Welcome Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea for Regularized Team Members, and the Anniversary Lunch.

On these catch-up sessions, Fiona personally meets with every team member at least once per year to hear from them about their journey with GO-VA, listen to their feedback, and most importantly, gather suggestions on how we can improve as a team.

Welcome Morning Tea

During the welcome morning tea, Fiona takes her time to greet and thanks to new team members for choosing GO-VA as their new employer. To make the morning tea session more enjoyable, apple-cinnamon cakes fresh from Fiona’s Kitchen are served (these are everyone’s second favorite treat, next to those yummy cookies).

At these morning tea catch-ups, Fiona shares the 10 things that require ZERO talent – but will help one to achieve success in their role. This usually becomes an eye-opener for team members.

Clients Lisa and Amy joined one of the tea with CEO sessions and were really impressed at how our CEO, Fiona Kesby, has nurtured a culture that empowers all team members.

New team members, Gaiana and Apple, felt like the tea with the CEO is a refreshing experience. Can’t go wrong with books as gifts and tips for success as a motivating welcome message.

Afternoon Tea for Regularized Team Member

Milestones and wins, big or small, are recognized here at GO-VA. At the Afternoon Tea with the CEO, we celebrate those who have successfully passed their probationary period. Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, also takes this time to hear what team members have to say about their stay at GO-VA.

Six months is enough time for one to get to know the management, his or her role in the team, and what the culture is like. We are an ever-dynamic company, and we adapt to the times; however, we are unable to effectively improve or innovate without feedback from the team members themselves.

During the afternoon tea catchup, Fiona gifts everyone with The Little Black Book of Success by Robin Sharma – who happens to be one of our CEO’s favorite mentors.

When you think about it, these Afternoon Tea catch-ups serve two purposes: celebrate team members’ wins and gather feedback for improvement.

Anniversary Lunches

Another way we celebrate milestones here at GO-VA is through anniversary lunches. Fiona, our CEO, sits down and chats with team members who are celebrating their work anniversaries. In addition to the complimentary lunch from GO-VA, team members also get special goodies!

These gifts are well-thought-of, useful items that both Fiona and our chief happiness officer have prepared.

Monthly Gratitude Celebration

Most companies have one or two events to look forward to in a year – it’s either the Christmas party or the company’s anniversary.

At GO-VA, we have at least 12 celebrations. Yes, we do our culture celebrations monthly. It’s a time for the GO-VA management to thank their team members for all the hard work they’ve done and for constantly making each month remarkable.

“Why do we do what we do?”

Creating a strong bond between team members and upper management fosters a safe and healthy environment where people are able to express themselves and where communication is open.

Our team members are passionate and hardworking, and sometimes, that passion does not stop at work. For example, we run a “GO-VA Got Talent” event every year – which is, safe to say, one of the team’s favorites. At this event, team members are able to showcase their talent and show the world that they are capable of more. This boosts morale and self-esteem, and it gives the team member an assurance that GO-VA sees them and appreciates their talent and skill.

Our celebrations don’t end with the team members. We care for their loved ones too. For our GO-VA Eats celebration, we go out and dine with family and work friends.

In doing these activities, we believe that our bond is made stronger and engagement becomes better and more genuine.

Monthly Culture Celebration - Lunch with the CEO

During CEO Lunch Presentations, Fiona loops everyone in on company updates, our growth, available jobs, and of course, monthly awardees.

Monthly Recap

Referral Rewards System

Monthly Awardees


Fiona starts off with giving the team an overview of where we’re at in terms of the number of team members, clients, and our projected growth. This is followed by a call for team members to ask their friends to “join the tribe” by sharing all of our available job positions.

Overall, the introduction of the CEO Lunch Presentation always revolves around the monthly recap: activities we’ve done, celebrations, achievements, heartwarming stories… name it!

We love to have a close-knit community of high-performing team members – and so, we encourage everyone on the team to invite their friends and family members whom they feel would be a great fit for our culture and drive to excel.

Yes, family. Other companies don’t allow family members to be working together; but at GO-VA, we are all for it. We have team members who are husband and wife, mother and daughter, cousins, siblings, in-laws… we welcome everyone as long as they possess the same core values and have the same passion for excellence.

Every month, 8 team members are chosen and awarded based on the core value they have been seen to uphold throughout the month – that’s 7 core values (care, drive, humility, learn, gratitude, execute, and find-a-way) plus 1 CEO awardee.

You, as a client, are able to nominate a team member for a specific award.

You should have known by now that we take team members’ work anniversaries seriously. Teammates get together to do a video greeting for the team member.

This is heartwarming to the team member and improves the bonding between colleagues.

Masters of Productivity

GO-VA also takes pride in being masters of productivity. In addition to our proven and tested tools and processes, our CEO Fiona Kesby makes sure that everyone on the team continues to learn and improve. This is inline with our core value of Learn.

No one was born an expert, that is what we believe in. But everyone has the chance to become better at what they do and eventually have authority on a subject.

Birthday Cakes

By this time, you might have already figured out that here at GO-VA, we make everyone feel special. We start on Day 1 and it trickles down to all other milestones, and of course, we want to make you feel special on your birthday too!

GO-VA gives sweet treats to team members celebrating their birthdays.

Read more about our Bloom Birthdays here.

Our Chief Happiness Officer spearheads this while coordinating with the team members’ result coaches.

“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.”

~ Richard Branson

Wellness Program

(HMO, Doctor & Nurse Onsite, Health Advisory)

Our wellness program at GO-VA is like no other BPO in the region. We offer HMO plus 1 free dependent right on Day 1 of the team member joining us. Other companies offer HMO at the 6-month mark.

This stems from our CEO Fiona Kesby’s childhood and how her mother always emphasized on the importance of health care and having private medical insurance. She has since brought this over to GO-VA, and now each team member is enjoying the benefits of our top-notch HMO.

In addition, our HMO offers life insurance of up to Php 100,000 and Php 10,000 medicine reimbursement. We have always been adamant about creating a safe work environment – and we’re also passionate about your team members’ and their families’ security.

In an effort to provide the best health program for all team members, we have made sure to have a doctor and nurse on site. Our on-site physician is able to provide consultation to our team members three times a week, while our nurse is available Mondays through Fridays. Working parents may also bring in their children. This means your team member doesn’t have to take off half a day to queue to see a doctor. And best of all it is free for them.

GO-VA has also adapted the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law, which allows a female team member 105 days of paid maternity leave. We care about mothers, and we believe that deserve to rest and recuperate after childbirth.

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